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Dr. Carolyn is a gifted and skilled Chiropractor, who genuinely connects with her patients. She treats everyone with kindness, respect and an open mind.  She grew up in Onalaska, WI, and continues to live in the surrounding area with her husband and children.  Dr. Carolyn is a second-generation Chiropractor and knows firsthand what it is like is to experience a life of good health and overall well being. It is her passion to help others experience this as well, through utilizing chiropractic care and other forms of alternative healthcare.

Dr. Carolyn received her undergraduate degree at the University Wisconsin-La Crosse.  She then moved forward and received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota.  During her time at Northwestern, she had the extraordinary privilege of training under one of the top Pediatric Chiropractors in the country; treating babies as young as one week old.  Dr. Carolyn enjoys treating a variety of all people, with a special interest in treating children and families.

A Note from Dr. Carolyn

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope I get the pleasure of your presence soon. I truly enjoy empowering people to move forward in choosing health. After all, life is just a path of choices. At any given moment you are either choosing health or you are choosing sickness. I am here to show you that choosing health is fun and exciting and can lead you to a life that you never thought was possible!


“I started on Pro-Omega for general health..and received a bonus in healing….No more Leg Cramps! Just one of the unexpected surprise you get with Dr. Knapp!”


“I was having a hard time running and I figured out I just had to go to the Chiropractor.  After my monthly appointment, I could run with ease!”

– Angie

“I started seeing Dr. Knapp early October, 2013 for laser therapy and Chiropractic adjustments.  My pain has improved and I am enjoying less pain in my legs.  She has also helped with hot flashes by using herbal supplements.”

– Elenita

“Dr. Knapp has always been very professional.  She has suggested a supplement that decreased my symptoms by 90%, I am thrilled!”


“My whole well-being has improved.  I never knew that spinal health was so important for daily living.  I feel stronger and less tired.”

– Leta

“Dr. Knapp has helped me with many physical problems with adjustments and supplements.  I have had better results than with any of the other medical doctors that I have seen.”

– Craig

“Dr. Carolyn has an amazing gift to tune into what the body requires for healing. She then is able to take that knowledge and work with me to create a wellness program that has worked for me. I also really appreciate her willingness to allow me to trust my own knowing in my healing, in order to make choices that has allowed me to see great change in my overall health.  I find working with Dr. Carolyn to be a very empowering and rewarding experience!”

– Angela

“I had extreme lower back pain, due to nerve damage from various surgeries to treat Endometriosis.  Most traditional Chiropractic treatments were not effective to treat this pain.  Dr. Carolyn, used a less invasive more mild approach, and I was able to experience long term relief.”

– AH

“Dr. Carolyn is much more than a chiropractor. When I first came to her office, I had very bad low back pain, along with just finding out that I may need surgery due to an ovarian cyst. Dr. Carolyn listened to my symptoms and explained how the two issues were connected. She also helped me feel comfortable in sharing my long journey of fertility issues. She explained how chiropractic care and the use of supplement could help with my cyst and my goal of a future pregnancy. I was unsure at first, but 3 months later at a follow-up ultrasound my doctor informed me that the cyst had shrunk and surgery was no longer a need. In addition, I am currently pregnant! I credit this result to the holistic approach of Dr. Carolyn. She is truly more than a chiropractor-she sees you as a whole person-body, mind and spirit.”

– Crystal

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